Ladies' Holistic Facials

To treat both your well-being and your skin, why not try a holistic facial in the comfort of Dancing in the Rain's tranquil space in Irby. The treatment can help as part of your skincare programme and also your overall health and well-being, helping to relieve stress and tension.

Holistic Facials with Dancing in the Rain

When you arrive at the Dancing in the Rain, you will be welcomed into relaxation room where we will complete a short questionnaire to ensure your needs are at the centre of the treatment. Each facial is tailored to your skin type using natural and vegan friendly products to nourish your skin.

There are three options of facial to suit your needs.

Rejuvenating Facial (treatment time 60 minutes) - £39

This relaxing facial includes a rejuvenating facial massage using an acupressure roller and a jade gua sha.

Facial Reflexology (treatment time 60 minutes) - £39

Enjoy the benefits of a facial with the added benefit of facial reflexology

Deluxe Facial (treatment time 75 minutes) - £49

Recline back for this deeply relaxing facial which includes both the facial reflexology and rejuvenating facial massage. Designed to reduce tension and increase the feeling of well-being.