Alison - Burntwood

"If you have ever thought about trying reflexology, I would say, don’t think about it , JUST DO IT!

I have recently had several sessions of Reflexology with Jan and must say that I would highly recommend her to anyone.

The sessions are extremely relaxing, and completely non invasive, I have really enjoyed lying there having my feet “pampered” whilst the rest of my body is relaxed.

Jan is a very sincere individual and consummate professional who explained all her findings to me and gave suggestions as to what I could do to help with any continued improvement in my condition. I feel there have definitely been benefits for me in having the reflexology sessions. Somehow my whole body seems to be far more at ease with itself.

I will be carrying on with sessions to maintain my new improved condition, and as I said in my opening lines, would highly recommend that if you have ever contemplated having reflexology that you book a session with Jan."

Debbie – West Midlands

"I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and have tried every diet going and as the website says I have put the weight back on again plus more.  I was willing to give anything a try, and can hand on my heart say I am glad I did.  The weight has not dropped off me quickly but it is coming off gradually and I really don’t feel like I am on a diet at all.  This Weight Management program has given me a totally new relationship with food and with the guidance and techniques I have gained has helped me out of a cycle I thought I would never get out of.   Jan’s enthusiasm and support has been over and above what I could ever have expected and for that I am truly grateful.  

Nordic Walking has now become a part of my life which I really would miss; there is something about being out in the fresh air - whatever the weather!  My speed or technique was not the best to begin with but Jan’s patience and positivity made me want to continue and do the best I could and gradually it is improving.  So thank you for introducing Nordic Walking to me.

All I would say to anyone thinking about doing either Weight Management or Nordic Walking is give it a go you have got nothing to lose and I am sure you will never look back."

Josie, South West

"Since working with Jan, she has helped me with my anxiety in many ways. One of the techniques she has used with me is Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).

We have tapped through anxieties I had, which were caused by certain issues that have happened in my life. We have tapped them far away now!

She has helped me with visualisation techniques that I use in my everyday life in situations I may find uncomfortable.

Jan has helped me the most though by talking through some of my problems and empowering me! She helped me realise that I have the power to make my own decisions and be a stronger person. And helped me realise that my opinion does matter and to stick to what I believe in.

I would like to thank Jan very much for her time with me and giving me so much :) "

Christine - Gloucester

"In early 2011, I went to see Jan to work on helping me to address anxieties that I was having in relation to exercise.

At the start of our first session together, I was acutely aware of my anxiety around exercise, becoming breathless and the potential to panic.  I knew what was happening to me, both mentally and physically, but did not feel able to manage my feelings or get past them.  I had subsequently not exercised for 3 years and had become very frustrated at not being able to do so.  My immediate aim of working with Jan was to be able to exercise without anxiety and to get fit again.  My overall long-term aim is to play hockey again before the big 50 (not that far off now !!) and attend a Zumba class or two !.

We completed about 6 sessions in total, each one varying in length.  Jan was very generous and patient with me.  She was great at making me feel comfortable and relaxed every time.  Jan never rushed any element of what we were doing and at times we were tapping for quite a while.  I felt very comfortable with all of the skills learnt and the fact that Jan tapped and demonstrated them with me, really helped to make it fun and to make progress very quickly.  The tapping made me chuckle quote a lot, which in turn relaxed me more ! 

Our first session involved quite a lot of Motivational Interviewing and very quickly Jan honed in on the crux of my anxieties.  After this session, I immediately felt enthused and began to focus on starting exercise at home.  I made mental plans of where and when.  After our second session, I started to follow a high impact exercise DVD at home and although I was puffing and blowing away like a hippo, I did not panic.  This was such a break through for me and it was definitely as a result of working with Jan and tapping through it.  In sessions 3 to 5, we focused on the wider anxiety issues for me that were connected to travelling distances on public transport.  Again, after session 4, I was able to test whether I was progressing by taking a trip to London on the train and then what seemed like 10 tube trains in a row !  Again, I did not panic and enjoyed the trip.

At our final session, Jan went through what we had done and refreshed on tapping and visualisation techniques that I could continue to use.  I felt extremely pleased with the progress that I had made and that Jan has helped me to move mountains !  I feel ready to address my aims and I know that although it may take longer than my patience prefers, I will get there and I will achieve them.  I remain fascinated by what Jan has taught me and am certain that I will learn more about how to develop these skills further in the future."

Claire, South West

"Jan has a wealth of knowledge that can help with lots of situations.  I have been to her for a variety of things that I wanted to change and every time she has tailored the session to me and the issue I am approaching, using different techniques that will best help.  Jan is also really approachable and I feel that I can tell her anything and she is not judging me, which has really helped me get the most out of our sessions." 

Arthur  - Staffordshire

"I am a 64 year old man who is a regular walker.

I recently came across Nordic Walking and decided to look into it a little further.  The more I found out, the more interested I became such that I found a website devoted to it and an instructor local to where I live, Jan Shaw

Jan proved to be very patient, extremely personable and an excellent instructor who provided a free taster session and then a four week course during which I learned correct techniques in using the poles required for Nordic Walking on inclines and various terrains. 

I also learned new warm up and warm down exercises and gained an insight into exercise routines using the poles.

Despite some nasty weather Jan was always there on time with a bright smile and I really enjoyed the sessions which were varied and full of interest.

My posture has improved beyond recognition and I have discovered a new and enjoyable way to keep fit.

I am now looking forward to more Nordic Walking but would add that the instruction and motivation I received from Jan was so good that it has inspired me to believe that I too can go on to be an instructor at some time in the future.

I have already passed on Jan’s contact details to friends and relatives and also a few interested associates and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to Nordic Walk."